Life coaching

Life coaching takes you on a journey of self-discovery that will transform the way you live your life.  Covering every aspect of your life, it’s an exploration into previously untapped resources deep inside you that will enable you to move forward or change direction with confidence.

If you were undertaking personal development life coaching with me, I would first help you evaluate where you are and what your life is like now. We do a current life assessment using a variety of coaching tools.

All of this is to help you to figure out where you want to be and how you can get yourself there. You decide exactly what goals will best allow you to lead yourself where you want to be and we develop a goal setting strategy. You set your goals, and determine the best actions you can take to achieve those goals. life coaching is about helping you find your own purpose. 


Uncover your values, your passions, and your motivation to create the life you desire.


Stop fighting yourself and the world, stop leading by default. Instead, lead yourself and others consciously and mindfully.


Identify the truth of who you are personally and professionally. Rid your life of the blocks that prevent your process of being.


Develop your ability to connect with yourself and other people in all areas of your life.


Take command of your life, and learn to make clear decisions.


Use your strength to take action in the face of fear.


Live your truths as a day-to-day practice, not just "knowing” or "believing" but acting on them.

What would happen with life coaching?

As a Life Coach, I would work with you in any and all areas of your life. We help you recognize that any personal development you achieve in one area of your life spills over into most others, which can have implications which might not have been expected.

Habits: Create the habits you desire and eliminate the ones that are a problem.

Career or Business: Create the career, or the self-employment enterprise you can passionately pursue.

Money: Achieve financial security and abundance while you stick to your life values and principles.

Health and Wellness: Adopt a healthy lifestyle that empowers your physical body as well as you emotional and mental well-being.

Relationships: Enjoy strong loving friendships and relationships in your personal and professional life that will help everyone concerned to grow.

Fun and Enjoyment: Identify and create lifestyle fun, make it part of your life in ways that you never imagined.

Spirituality: Raise your spiritual awareness, connect with God, and live more consciously.

What a life coach doesn't do

What a personal life coach doesn’t do is do all the work for you. We give you the tools and the support but you must take the steps to make your future happen as you want it to. I have had clients who think that if they come to see me it will all happen without them putting the effort in or I will do it all for them. 

I am happy to chat to you before you make up your mind if this is right for you. Personal dynamics are important too.


‘I went for a second interview – a head to head between myself and one other. I found the advice and support from you extremely helpful. It gave me increased awareness, self-confidence and a cutting edge that as it turns out was decisive. Before coming to see you I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in and you helped me clarify my options and helped me focus on how to get there. I consider the fee modest by comparison to what I gained. In hindsight it’s the best money I have ever spent.’

Gerry H Reading

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