Past Life regression

Have you ever wondered if you have lived lives other than this one? Past life regression can help you find out.

 Emotional healing in the present involves resolving the unfinished business of the past, and one of these methods can be through past life regression. Past lives that continues to influence us in the present. It is residual mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy of past events which  can contaminate the present experience. The removal of these energies is the objective of any healing. As a result the person can live more fully in the present and fulfil more completely the factors of their life plan.

The mind can continue to hold onto trauma, and these show up as attitudes; behaviour; defences; phobias and reactions of anger, fear and distrust. Many of the manifestations of personality are due to the scars of the mind. If the scars come from a past life then present life therapy can be limited.

 If the trauma is past life in origin and is deeply buried, the buried material is inaccessible in traditional talk therapy which is an intellectual discussion of consciously remembered events. Many people have no conscious memory of anything prior to age five or six. Others can’t remember their life before twelve or fourteen.

I studied with Michael Newton at the Newton Institute in the USA one of the first proponents of this practice.

How does past life regression work?

In a relaxed and safe environment you can be taken back into your past lives in order to explore, at different levels, events from the past which have impacted on your present situation or behaviour. I always try to find out as much historical and physical details as possible in the past life and then we move through the life and release any trauma from that life, then any residual trauma in this life.

Often we repeat behaviours such as rejecting a relationship in this lifetime because in a past lifetime we were rejected. Or in a past life we spoke out and were punished for it, so we don’t speak out now.

Although I have never had anyone claiming to be a very famous person in a past life I have had one person who turned out to have been on the Titanic, and an accountant who had been a shoe maker and could tell me in great details how he tanned the leather and used a last to make his shoes. 

The four levels of past life regression

First level

At the most superficial it is fun and interesting to explore one’s past, to see oneself as the various characters in earlier dramas.

Second level

 Is the therapeutic experience. Many emotional problems and conflicts are quickly and effectively solved through past-life regression therapy. Usually is far fewer sessions than conventional therapy.

Third level 

Is an educational journey into the spiritual reality, the inner planes of consciousness. The client can experience the greater realisation of purpose in life, or lives, a clearer sense of the meaning of relationships and their links to the big picture.

Fourth level

The altered-state regression experience is the immense feeling of oneness, of being connected to all and everything in the universe.


Many thanks for the past life session we did in February. It has made me decide to give up my job as a lawyer and go into the healing field. I was amazed that I went back into being a healer in a past life and especially surprised that I could name all the healing plants and what we did with them, as this was something I had no clue about before. Also I have looked on the map for the villages our group visited in our past life and I have found them in the Alps. Some of the villages have almost no people there now but they are still there. ‘What an experience. 

B..G. Reading

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