Release destructive relationships

An uncording technique that can release destructive relationships

I have helped many people letting go of the past using a unique technique for breaking the emotional connection to negative, harmful or inhibiting relationships. By incorporating visualisation and Reiki, I have been able to facilitate life changing experiences for many clients. 

Many people hang on to past emotional attachments, reactions to events long gone or words which have hurt them or held them back through their negative nature. We know that these things are damaging but don't always have the knowledge or power to break the habit.Being able to  uncord and release destructive relations is liberating and can change lives.

The person you want to emotionally release may be someone you live with, work with, or who crosses your path in your personal life. It may be someone who is alive or has died, but still exerts an influence over you emotionally. It can be someone whom you love, but who is giving your grief or anxiety, or is not treating you well. After the uncording you are able to communicate with the person but not be physically impacted by their behaviour. After a person has been able to release destructive behaviour they can feel their own power and feel lighter and more in control.

How does letting go of the past work?

You can release destructive relationships  using this technique and  I don’t need to know the details of the relationships you want to release, which helps many clients feel comfortable as they  may not want to disclose any particulars relating to their situation.

The session  is conducted in a comfortable safe environment where you are able to relax. The session is a led visualisation – if you are unable to visualise we can use other descriptors to facilitate the session, through feelings and touch or word description . I also incorporate Reiki healing energy into the session. 

Letting go of the past is a first step in creating the future you wish for without the baggage from past relationships.


“Thank you, Tessa, for carrying out a spiritual uncording therapy which has totally  revolutionised my life and liberated me from a longstanding destructive bitterness which was starting to become obsessive. I can visit my history now with openness, acceptance and a willingness to understand which is life enhancing and healthier for all my other relationships.  The lightness of mind it has given me is nothing short of glorious!”


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