Below are a selection of testimonials which I have received


“Thank you, Tessa, for carrying out a spiritual uncording therapy which has totally  revolutionised my life and liberated me from a longstanding destructive bitterness which was starting to become obsessive. I can visit my history now with openness, acceptance and a willingness to understand which is life enhancing and healthier for all my other relationships.  The lightness of mind it has given me is nothing short of glorious!”

A.G Edinburgh

'Thank you very much for the opportunity to experience ‘uncording’ with Reiki. It worked! Things have definitely moved on for me in the last two weeks. It’s hard to explain  how and why but I do feel there is significant  progress for me with pulling away from ,,,,,,,,,,,, I never had a 40th  birthday party last year – he didn’t want me to have one – so this week I had a 41st! For my closest friends and family, took them out for dinner and we had a ball – everyone got on famously and ………even asked if he was ‘invited ‘when he heard my plans. I felt very different when he sounded hurt when I said  ‘No;’ ………  He is outside my circle now and I feel so much freer. So thank you Tessa for all your help.'

Mary P Glasgow

Hynotherapy and NLP

'As a man in my 40’s who appears confident and successful I have always felt ashamed of my fear of standing in front of an audience and  giving a talk. As you know I always make excuses and ask my deputy to take over instead. However after our amazing session last month I still can’t believe the change. Finding out the cause on my fear, when you regressed me to 7 years old, to an incident I had totally forgotten about, was a revelation. Healing the fears of that little boy then sorting me out in the here and now has been something else. I have now done my first standing up presentation to our shareholders, and apart from the natural trepidation about whether I had all the facts straight, it went very well. I will be giving a presentation in Brussels next month and this time I won’t need to fake illness or a prior engagement. Many thanks and much gratitude.'

A.J. London 

Past Life Regression

'Many thanks for the past life session we did in February.If I hadn't experienced it I wouldn't have believed it. It has made me decide to give up my job as a lawyer and go into the healing field. I was amazed that I went back into being a healer in a past life and especially surprised that I could name all the healing plants and what we did with them, as this was something I had no clue about before. Also I have looked on the map for the villages our group visited in our past life and I have found them in the Alps. Some of the villages have almost no people there now but they are still there. What an experience' 

B..G. Reading 

Life between life regression

'I want to thank you for the amazing session you gave me recently on ‘Life between life’. The session was amazing, and particularly emotional and moving. It was a wonderful experience and you are very skilled, in your manner of approach and the way in which you gently encouraged me to access what has made me who I am today.’

C. H. Fleet

Confidence building and career development

'I just wanted to put on record my great delight with the effectiveness and professionalism of your career development consultancy. It is possibly one of the most difficult tasks to take on a person whose confidence has taken a knock, and turn them into a sure-fire candidate for success. You succeed superbly well and in my view everyone whether satisfied with their career or not, could benefit from the advice and techniques which you offer.

Most people think they know how to make the best of themselves, particularly if they are successful in their job. But you showed me that nothing could be further from the truth.  Without your training, applying for a job is like crossing the road blindfold. 

I am very pleased with the service you provided which I am sure allowed me very quickly to achieve a welcome move to a prestigious post at a good salary – and to negotiate a better deal than one initially on offer. Please feel free to quote me at any time.'

Paul M. Glasgow


'I went for a second interview – a head to head between myself and one other. I found the advice and support from you extremely helpful. It gave me increased awareness, self-confidence and a cutting edge that as it turns out was decisive. Before coming to see you I didn’t really know what direction I wanted to go in and you helped me clarify my options and helped me focus on how to get there. I consider the fee modest by comparison to what I gained. In hindsight it’s the best money I have ever spent.

Gerry H Reading

Career Counselling

'I have just accepted an excellent offer of employment from Newcastle United Football Club. This new division I will be running will bring together 1100 staff and have an annual turnover of  ….million pounds.

The point of my writing is to say how much your help in re- writing my CV has been in helping be secure this senior position from a relatively junior position with Scottish Enterprise. I was particularly impressed in the way that the CV guided the interviewers to my strengths and away from areas I felt less confident in. This had a positive effect on my performance during the interview. Another aspect was the way your presentation style used to the full ad two A4 sheets. I am sure that this was a very positive point when my CV was placed beside the others.

Please do not hesitate to use my name as a testament to the very cost effective and successful nature of your assistance. Thanks you again for your help.'

Jim O’Connor Glasgow

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